The Student Seminar (aka Informal Discussion) will meet from 3:45-4:45 pm each day during the second and third weeks (except July 30), in the main seminar room. If more time is needed, after a break at 4:45 the seminar will resume in the SMALL seminar room.

Note: On Thursday, July 31 the student seminar will meet in the SMALL seminar room for the entire meeting, beginning at 3:45.

The Plan:

7/30 - 8/1
Monday: Supersymmetry & cohomological TFT
Tuesday: Geometric Langlands for GL_1
Wednesday: No seminar (Dijkgraaf's public lecture)
Thursday: Vertex Algebras, CFT, and Moduli spaces
Friday: Crash Course in Strings & D-branes (Richard & Aaron)

8/4 - 8/8
Monday: B-branes & D(coh(X)) (Aaron)
Tuesday: A-Branes & Fuk(X) (Anton Kapustin)
Wednesday: A-branes & D-modules
Thursday: N = 4 SYM_4 and Geometric Langlands